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I appreciate the automated nature of the program. The website is easy to navigate. This is important as we are all busy & quick & easy help us accomplish what we need & move on to the next item on our list.
-- Lacey


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Compatible With:

  • Easy Dental
  • Eaglesoft
  • Dentrix
  • SoftDent (v11 or newer)
  • PracticeWorks
  • Open Dental

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PracticeMojo™ is a service that brings the mojo back to your dental practice.

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PracticeMojo was developed to help the dental profession connect with, recruit, reactivate and retain patients to improve overall health and oral health IQ.


  1. To increase the quality and quantity of communications between dental professionals and their patients. A relevant and consistent communications strategy will improve oral health IQ and lead patients to seek regular dental care.
  2. To provide a level of reliability and performance that consistently exceeds our customers' expectations.
  3. To be a dental market leader providing relevant and automated patient communications.
  4. To provide dental practices services that adapt to the evolving communications technologies used by their practice and their patients.

Let us know how we are doing in reaching our goals.