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I appreciate the automated nature of the program. The website is easy to navigate. This is important as we are all busy & quick & easy help us accomplish what we need & move on to the next item on our list.
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Compatible With:

  • Easy Dental
  • Eaglesoft
  • Dentrix
  • SoftDent (v11 or newer)
  • PracticeWorks
  • Open Dental

How it Works

On average, 40% of patients 'fall through the cracks' every month. PracticeMojo targets and reaches all of those patients' helping to free up your time to spend on increasing production and chair side care. It's true not all of your patients can be reached by text or e-mail, but that's why we also send postcards, have online ratings, surveys and reviews and much, much more! Wherever or however your patients like to be contacted, we reach them. Plus PracticeMojo is smart. It automatically groups communication by family so you're not wasting postcards, e-mails, or texts; saving you money, and saving your patients from getting duplicate messages. Call 800.556.2580 to talk to one of our knowledge Product Specialists for a quick, 15-minute demo to start Get it Working for You!

3 Simple Steps to More Mojo!

Step 1: Demo & Install

Sign Up and install PracticeMojo Link on your practices' server. Call our knowledgeable product specialists for download help and instructions.

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Step 2: Create Your First Campaign

Quickly create a new campaign, set the start date, and PracticeMojo will automatically start sending out e-mails, texts, and postcards!

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Step 3: Measure Your Results

View dynamic performance charts and graphs, and watch as your schedule fills up!

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Save time, money and stress

Your practice will spend over two weeks this year making phone calls, filling out postcards, and sending mailers, all trying to chase down patients and get referrals. Your time is valuable. Within an hour a PracticeMojo Product Specialist can have your practice fully trained and set-up to start automatically sending out recall reminders, reactivation notices, birthday greetings, and much, much more. Give us an hour and we'll give you back your two weeks!

"I kept putting off using PracticeMojo and when I finally made my move I wished I would have done it months ago. I had no idea it was going to be so painless."


Step 1: Demo and Install

If you have questions or would like to view a complete demo before getting started, call one of our knowledgeable Product Specialists at 800.556.2580.

If you're ready to get started on your own, please make sure your system is compatible with PracticeMojo.

System Requirements:

In order to use PracticeMojo Link your practice must:

  • Use Dentrix, EasyDental, Eaglesoft, SoftDent or PracticeWorks Practice Management Software
  • Have High-speed internet access (cable modem or DSL) on the server running your Practice Management Software.
  • Access to your practice server for one-time installation

If your practice meets the system requirements, click here to sign up. Once you sign up you will be given a download link. Download and install the software on the main computer (server) that runs your practice management software.

If you have any questions or would like one of our PracticeMojo Product Specialists to walk you through the installation on a one-time 15-minute teleconference, feel free to call us 800.556.2580.

Once installed, it uses a secure, HIPAA-compliant internet connection to synchronize information with our server. Your practice management software data is securely stored and then used to communicate with your patients, on your behalf, through printed postcards, e-mails, or text messages.

"I love PracticeMojo! It makes my job so much easier. I never have to worry about finding the time to work the recall system. PracticeMojo does it for me. The e-mail and texting is loved by our patients and helps us keep our overhead down."


Step 2: Create Your First Campaign

We said it was easy, and we mean it. Once you log into your dashboard for the first time you'll notice six campaigns that have already been created for you. These campaigns are our proven fundamental campaigns that help your practice grow. You can make any changes to these campaigns including editing the message, lead time, or method, or turn them on or off.

To start your first campaign from scratch, get started by selecting the campaign type (appointment confirmation, recare due, birthdays, etc.), when you want the campaign sent (lead time), the campaign delivery method (postcard, e-mail, text message) and the message. Save your settings and we'll automatically send your messages within one business day.

Each Campaign Features:

  • Postcards that are printed and mailed each business day on your behalf -- whether to four patients or 400.
  • Daily e-mails. All e-mails are sent through us, but look like they are sent by your office. All replies go directly to your office.
  • Text messages that are sent from 'Your Dentist' with your contact information in each text with all replies sent to your office e-mail in real-time.
  • Multiple family members and appointments on the same day are automatically combined into a single communication.

If you have questions about creating a campaign please feel free to call on of our PracticeMojo product Specialist 800.556.2580.

"I appreciate the automated nature of the program. I appreciate the e-mail responses and telephone responses from your staff. The website is easy to navigate. This is important as we are all busy and it's easy to accomplish what we need and move on to the next item on our list."


Step 3: Measure Your Results

It's easy to measure the success of your campaign. To start look around your waiting room, and check your schedule. Patients respond to PracticeMojo mailings, e-mails and texts because they are highly attractive and easy to use. Next check your e-mail. Appointment confirmations, via e-mail and text and automatically sent to your office e-mail box; no need to constantly log on to check for updates, all notifications happen in real-time.

Under the charts tab you'll see:

  • How effective your patient recare system is working
  • Potential hidden revenue opportunities
  • Additional opportunity to reach patients via text and e-mail
  • How your practice is doing recruiting new patients

As always you can call us 800.556.2580 anytime to review your account or have a PracticeMojo Product Specialist answer any questions you may have.