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  1. A Better Patient Experience for Increased Case Acceptance

    June 28, 2016




    When you reflect on how you get patients to accept your treatment plans, what comes to mind? Maybe a conversation of benefits. A brochure. And if you’re really good, a visual aid like a 3-D model or video. But case acceptance is more than any of these steps. Case acceptance starts with every new patient—from the very first phone call to the last follow-up visit. 


    They’ve made an appointment... Now what?

    Your new patient has scheduled an appointment. That doesn’t mean you should wait until they get to the office before you communicate with them again...

  2. Whats Your ROI?

    March 02, 2016


    Sending the right communication to the right patient is the difference between a full schedule and an empty one. We took a deep dive into our data from 2015 to see just how many automated communications we helped our offices send and how post cards and automated phone calls affected their return on investment. 

    The Study

    To get a better understanding of how automated phone calls and postcards affected patient engagement with dental offices, we looked at just under a thousand dental offices across the U.S. based on the types of communications they chose to utilize for their patient...
  3. The Importance of Dental Recall and Preventive Care

    July 24, 2015


    Do your patients understand the value of regular dental cleanings? If not, you could be losing patients, and they could be losing both the financial and health benefits entitled to them. While patients should know to come in for regular dental cleanings, they may not understand the potentially life-saving care you can provide at each dental check up. This is where dental recall becomes so important to the health and growth of a dental practice.

    Keep patients aware that dental care links to total care.

    In recent years, the role dentistry plays in systemic health has become a hot topic...

  4. Planning Your Dental Marketing Calendar

    May 29, 2015


    The importance of marketing your dental practice is key these days but if you're unsure where to start it could cause unnecessary stress. Many dentists find themselves running out of dental marketing funds halfway through the year, simply because they have not planned ahead to allot those funds the way that they wanted to. Planning out your marketing calendar is a great way to help your money work harder for you and eliminates tough decisions that have to be made later on in the year. 

    What Do You Need the Most?

    What obvious marketing strategies are missing from your...

  5. Get Your Team Motivated to Book Productive Appointments

    January 14, 2015

    Motivate your Staff.jpg


    A new year comes with new goals, so you'll want to make sure the foundation of your office is running smoothly.  A dental practice can’t run without patients and patients can’t be seen unless appointments are made. It can be a challenge at times to motivate your staff to get more appointments booked, but with the right incentives you can increase your monthly production while also energizing our team. 

    Track Your Progress

    It’s impossible to see how far you’ve gone unless you can look back and see where you’ve been. Each area of the...

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