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  1. How to Manage and Motivate Your Employees

    September 16, 2015


    Unlike many other professionals, dentists face the challenge of being both practitioners and managers. Managing and motivating your employees requires you to view your practice not only as a dentist, but also as a leader. Are you doing what it takes to lead your team where you want your practice to go? Use the methods below regularly, and your staff, patients and wallet will reap the rewards. 

    Assess, Streamline, Nurture

    In his leading-edge book for dentists, Everything is Marketing, Fred Joyal refers to an A-B-C employee rating system that helps you determine who to keep – and who to let go...

  2. Get Your Team Motivated to Book Productive Appointments

    January 14, 2015

    Motivate your Staff.jpg


    A new year comes with new goals, so you'll want to make sure the foundation of your office is running smoothly.  A dental practice can’t run without patients and patients can’t be seen unless appointments are made. It can be a challenge at times to motivate your staff to get more appointments booked, but with the right incentives you can increase your monthly production while also energizing our team. 

    Track Your Progress

    It’s impossible to see how far you’ve gone unless you can look back and see where you’ve been. Each area of the...

  3. Rewarding Your Team Rewards Your Practice

    October 21, 2014


    Most dentists and office managers focus on patient retention and reactivation to build and maintain a thriving practice. While both are important, many overlook how equally important it is to ensure and retain a happy staff. Your staff is the core of your practice. Practices function best when staff morale is high and turnover is low. When employees are unhappy, feel unappreciated or unmotivated, complacency abounds and service to patients and coworkers suffer. Unwanted behavior and tensions can create an unpleasant working environment and poor patient experiences which directly impact your bottom line. Unhappy employees can result in patients and...

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