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PracticeMojo fields lots of questions from customers thinking about moving to the cloud and are happy to provide this free webinar to everyone to make them more informed consumers. PracticeMojo strives to make your life easier and know there is nothing easy about an ill-prepared migration to the cloud (printers, imaging software, still need a server, what?!?)
After participating in this informative cloud discussion, you will know:
  • How to know what type of cloud you are signing up for
  • Differences between A complete cloud & software in the cloud
  • 5 facts every dentist should know about cloud technology
  • Advantages & disadvantages of the cloud
  • System security, performance, time and savings
  • Questions to ask when considering cloud
  • PracticeMojo compatibility in the cloud
Chris Miner has over 15 years working in the dental technology space. He's knowledgeable and focused on imaging equipment and practice management software with companies with iCAT, Kodak (Carestream), Vatech, top ortho, and Dexis.

Chris Miner MBS Cloud


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