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  1. Exciting News for PracticeMojo Subscribers!

    February 09, 2017

    We are excited to share that PracticeMojo has been acquired by ProSites, a leading provider of dental practice web site design and online marketing solutions. This new partnership leverages synergies between two complimentary companies by combining innovative technology and dental practice expertise that helps dentists accelerate practice growth and see measurable results.


    ProSites and PracticeMojo share a common vision of helping dental practices maximize their active patient counts. This new combination will allow us to provide a full-suite solution for dental practices looking for a single-vendor to solve their patient acquisition and engagement needs...

  2. A Better Patient Experience for Increased Case Acceptance

    June 28, 2016




    When you reflect on how you get patients to accept your treatment plans, what comes to mind? Maybe a conversation of benefits. A brochure. And if you’re really good, a visual aid like a 3-D model or video. But case acceptance is more than any of these steps. Case acceptance starts with every new patient—from the very first phone call to the last follow-up visit. 


    They’ve made an appointment... Now what?

    Your new patient has scheduled an appointment. That doesn’t mean you should wait until they get to the office before you communicate with them again...

  3. Whats Your ROI?

    March 02, 2016


    Sending the right communication to the right patient is the difference between a full schedule and an empty one. We took a deep dive into our data from 2015 to see just how many automated communications we helped our offices send and how post cards and automated phone calls affected their return on investment. 

    The Study

    To get a better understanding of how automated phone calls and postcards affected patient engagement with dental offices, we looked at just under a thousand dental offices across the U.S. based on the types of communications they chose to utilize for their patient...
  4. Be the Boss of Your Online Reputation!

    January 26, 2016


    Listen, Act, Earn, Increase

    If you read last year’s blog about online dental reviews, you’d know that they influence the buying decisions of a whopping 88% of consumers. What does this mean for dental practices? Online reputation can influence whether they thrive or fail. Choose to thrive. Read the tips below for keeping your practice’s reputation in tip-top shape online.

    Put Yourself in Your Patient's Shoes

    How often do you visit your websites and social media pages? If and when you visit, are you using both a PC/lap top AND a mobile device? Visiting your...

  5. How to Manage and Motivate Your Employees

    September 16, 2015


    Unlike many other professionals, dentists face the challenge of being both practitioners and managers. Managing and motivating your employees requires you to view your practice not only as a dentist, but also as a leader. Are you doing what it takes to lead your team where you want your practice to go? Use the methods below regularly, and your staff, patients and wallet will reap the rewards. 

    Assess, Streamline, Nurture

    In his leading-edge book for dentists, Everything is Marketing, Fred Joyal refers to an A-B-C employee rating system that helps you determine who to keep – and who to let go...

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