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AutoConfirmation from PracticeMojo

AutoConfirmation from PracticeMojo is the quickest and easiest way to confirm your appointments. After PracticeMojo emails, texts and phone calls go out, your patients will be prompted to confirm their appointment by clicking a button, replying ‘Yes’ or pressing 1. Once this happens PracticeMojo gets word that your patients have confirmed their appointment. We then go into your practice management software and mark their appointment as confirmed. Just another way PracticeMojo saves you time.

Other AutoConfirmation features include:

Family Messaging - 1 per family

We group each family's appointment confirmations into a single communication, making it easy to schedule new family appointments. We then update each one of those appointments for you. Need to make a change to one or the other? PracticeMojo makes it easy to directly contact the office for any special circumstances.

Notifications Alerts

Despite the fact that we’re an automated communication, PracticeMojo believes firmly in the human connection which is why we’ll notify you and your practice of incoming appointment changes, cancellations, and confirmations. Alerting you of these notifications makes it easy to respond to your patients needs in real-time and ensure appointment and treatment compliance.

Ready Time Messaging

We understand the best time to contact your patients to get them to confirm appointments, schedule appointments, or wish them a Happy Birthday. Timing is everything when it comes to text messages, emails and phone calls. Late afternoon, after hours and even weekend calls are available with PracticeMojo, making sure we can reach your patients and confirm appointments even when you're off the clock.

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