Dental Appointment Reminder Calls

Automated appointment reminder calls from PracticeMojo save your office valuable time, improve customer & staff satisfaction and increase practice profitability! We know how critical reminder notifications are to reducing no-shows and keeping your practice full.

PracticeMojo appointment reminder calls use a natural voice to create the warmth of a personal phone call. We include patient names and appointment-specific details to deliver a professional and personalized message. Plus, caller id match ensures your office phone number and location are displayed to improve response rate.

Family Messaging - 1 per family

We group each families recare messages into a single communication, making it easy to schedule new family appointments.

Appointment Phone Call Customization - only from PracticeMojo

PracticeMojo makes it easy to fully customize your automated reminder calls. A professional voice will record your custom message in a natural smoothing voice. Likewise, we understand the need for some patients to receive a few extra reminders than others. PracticeMojo makes it easy for patients and your office to fully customize the amount and type of communications each patients receives.


100 FREE automated phone reminders plus 100% waived setup fees comes standard in the Partnered plan while the Managed plan comes with unlimited free automated phone calls! For Solo Plan or à la carte options a $300 one-time setup fee applies. Calls billed at 18¢ a call, calls transferred to your office are billed at 15¢ a minute - call for more details.

Make the Right Call

We will help you customize the automated phone call settings that work best for your practice! With a few simple clicks, we'll quickly set up calling for Courtesy Reminders, Confirmation Reminders or Time to Schedule appointments. Let PracticeMojo handle the daily task of confirming your appointments while you take advantage of the valuable time your staff gains to spend with patients.

Listen to a demo phone call and hear for yourself the professionalism of the recorded voice and the interactive response features.

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