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Custom Campaign Design and Messaging

PracticeMojo was built from the ground up to not only be a world-class automated recall service, but an effective dental marketing tool as well. PracticeMojo allows for communication customization to the finest detail. Whether seasonal promotions, announcing special product days, informing patients of new doctors, a moved location or simply to wish patients Happy Holidays, PracticeMojo can handle it all.

Creating custom campaigns are easy to do with the help of PracticeMojo Practice Coaches. PracticeMojo Practice Coaches will work with your practice to build custom campaigns to deliver timely and effective communications to your patients. Simply let us know who you would like to send a communication to and we’ll build a fully custom campaign for you! Then you’ll simply select which methods (ie. Email, text, postcard, or phone calls), select your message from our message library or write your own custom message, select an image or upload a custom image, and schedule. Just one more way we make it easy to communicate with your patients.

Message Delivery

PracticeMojo makes it effortless to adjust and fine tune the settings for all messages that you send to your patients. By default PracticeMojo has already created ready-to-use campaigns based on best practices, but during your initial training you’ll work directly with a PracticeMojo Practice Coach to set and customize them to fit the needs of your practice.

Communication Methods

PracticeMojo is the only software that utilizes email, text, postcards and automated phone calls to reach 100% of your patients. However, we understand that sometimes you might want to only use a specific type of communication to reach out to patients. PracticeMojo makes it easy to tailor your methods of communication for each and every campaign.

Plus, patients and the office too can control the types of methods each patient will receive. This gives your office full control over patients that you trust to show up after one communication, or that one patient who complains about too many messages. Fully customizable control is just the way PracticeMojo does it!

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