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How many emails and calls do you have on file for past due and lapsed patients? This is a tough question to answer, and oftentimes the number is around 25%. Ouch! Do you know what that means? You have no way to contact 75% of your patients without calling every single one. What’s the point of an automated recall software when you can’t contact the overwhelming majority of your patients? Fortunately PracticeMojo, as part of our ReachAll Dental Recall, can customize print, address, and mail postcards on your behalf to reach 100% of your patients.

Dental recall postcards have been a staple in dental marketing for decades, but despite their effectiveness the major drawback was taking the time to fill out each postcard. With PracticeMojo each and every postcard is customized on your behalf, automatically. Simply select an image from our campaign image groups, customize the text and include any relevant information; we’ll handle the rest.

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Standout in the Mailbox – Image Selection and Customization

Depending on what campaign you’re running, we’ve created hundreds of images to select from. Make a bold statement with powerful images that reinforce your branding and content strategy. Timely seasonal images also make it easy for your patients to quickly identify your practice and call to action.

Even better than that, PracticeMojo is fully customizable. Have an image you’d like to use? Want to create a custom postcard based on your website or other branding pieces? It’s simple and easy to do with PracticeMojo! We’ll work directly with your practice to create a custom one-of-a-kind piece that will stand out, get noticed, and create appointments for your practice!

High-Quality Postcard Communications

PracticeMojo postcards are not your average run-of-the-mill postcards. We only use high-quality 12 pt stock paper and UV coating. Our paper gives your postcards a solid quality feel that is sure to impress your patients. The UV coating on both sides of the card provides an extra sheen and shine. UV coating will enrich your postcard design and enhance your colors. This, in turn, lends to patient confidence because you are able to print premium marketing materials. When you print premium marketing materials, it says that you are successful. And if you are successful, you probably have a good track record of satisfied patients. Thus, your patients will feel more comfortable doing business with you.

Likewise, UV coating protects your marketing materials so they last longer. The longer your marketing materials last, the more they can work to earn a response for you, thus you will increase your return on investment and get the most out of your marketing buck when you have your print marketing materials UV coated.

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