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Gain valuable insight to better your practice and gain valuable referrals. PracticeMojo gives you all the tools necessary to gather surveys and push reviews to the most visited and trusted review sites.

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Dentist Reputation Management - Patient Reviews and Surveys

Dental Reviews and Surveys that will actually tell you something!

In a recent survey an astonishing 79% of consumers state that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. (Source: BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey 2013) Managing your online reputation comes down to managing what perspective patients will see when they search for your practice, or another way to think about it, what are people saying about you?

PracticeMojo gives you more options than any other service for patients to provide feedback for your office, as well as push their reviews all over the web. Lots of companies will promise integration into sites like Google, but their reviews are stored separately. With PracticeMojo you'll get your own dedicated, mobile friendly review site and easy-to-use communications to drive patients to the exact review sites you want visibility on. Need reviews on Yelp, Angie's List, or Google+? Simply edit your ratings settings to have your patients leave reviews anywhere you want! It’s that easy.

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PracticeMojo utilizes the most successful mediums for managing and growing your online reputation:

  • Automated Post-Appointment Surveys:
    PracticeMojo automated dental surveys allow your patients to give valuable feedback about their visits that are only visible to you and your staff. This allows you to start gathering patient feedback via surveys and then switch to online reviews once you are confident in the reviews you’ll receive.
  • Survey Analytics:
    PracticeMojo Survey Analytics showcase your overall patient promoter score. Your patient promoter score is a powerful indicator of how well your practice is doing from a patient's perspective. Based on the results you'll quickly be able to see how likely your patients are willing to promote your practice.
  • Certified Patient Reviews:
    Reviews captured by PracticeMojo are guaranteed to come from your certified active patients that have had a recent dental visit. Quickly, and simply select reviews to publish to the web to be found on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Then we work automatically to publish them on the web, your website and even your Facebook page!
  • Direct 3rd Party Reviews:
    Need better visibility on high traffic review sites, Google, and other search engines? PracticeMojo's online reputation management for dentists has fully customizable abilities to direct your patients to any review site you would like to collect reviews. With PracticeMojo you have full control over your online dental reputation.

Uh-Oh, I got a Negative Review!

PracticeMojo makes it easy to manage negative reviews, ensuring your online dental reputation remains overwhelmingly positive. With the PracticeMojo review platform, patient responses will only be visible to your office unless you choose to make it public. If a negative review is left on a public site, don’t panic, make sure you post a visible response to the complaint showing that you want to take the effort to make the situation right. As always, the PracticeMojo team will gladly help you look into solutions for issues that may come up.

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