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PracticeMojo understands that patient loyalty is important to your practice. In fact, in a recent survey 90% of you told us patient loyalty was your practice’s #1 priority, and for good reason. Loyal patients tend to spend more, refer their friends and family and choose to have elective services, plus the increase in patient retention can boost your bottom line. With 40% of your patients falling through the cracks every month, once you make the switch to PracticeMojo and fill those cracks you’ll start to see real growth and a healthier bottom line every month. On average, if your practice can retain all of its patients by just one additional month, you can achieve an additional 3 percent of annual growth. This is how patient loyalty can really make a difference.

They’re Your Patients, Keep Them

PracticeMojo keeps your patients' experience a top priority, making sure their needs are always met. PracticeMojo makes all of this easy by automatically sending welcome emails, new patient surveys, review requests and more to build your patients’ trust and loyalty to your practice.

You’ll gain valuable insight into what your patients really think, turning their positive reviews into practice growing referrals. Plus, you can always edit and change existing campaigns to customize them for your patients! See just how easy your patient communications can be.

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Online Dental Reviews and Beyond

Boost your online reviews by asking patients who have had a dental visit in the last three months to complete an online review. Every PracticeMojo subscriber receives a FREE Dental Review Pro service. The PracticeMojo review platform allows you to decide which reviews to include on your website or Facebook, increasing conversions for patients seeking care. Plus, posting reviews on your PracticeMojo review platform, your own website and your Facebook page help promote your practice in Google and other top search engines. Learn more about PracticeMojo online reputation management.

Getting More Dental Patients with Reviews -

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Our focus at PracticeMojo is results. Request a demo and see for yourself why dental practices looking to grow their practice get PracticeMojo.

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Raise the oral health IQ of your patients while building solid, lasting relationships with your patients. Quarterly or monthly newsletters are a great way to stay connected with your patients and position your practice as friendly and knowledgeable while keeping your patients' oral health a priority. PracticeMojo automated newsletters make it easy to schedule and send recurring dental newsletters to help your patients stay informed without all the time it would take your staff to compile, write, proofread, print and mail them.

Generating Dental Referrals - The Ultimate Question

The ultimate measure of patient loyalty is how likely your patients are to refer your practice to someone else. Following up each patients' visit with a request for a referral and feedback email from PracticeMojo makes generating referrals from your best patients effective and easy.

If your practice has a hard time generating dental referrals or positive reviews than the first step in is to utilize PracticeMojo surveys. Our dental surveys allow your patients to give valuable feedback about their visits that is only visible to you and your staff. This gives your office the ability to learn where your practice may have shortfalls and room to improve. Surveys sent via PracticeMojo are short enough to meet even your busiest patients' time constraints, while providing your practice clear direction on areas for improvement.

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