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PracticeMojo does so much more than just streamline communications and confirm appointments. It creates new appointments and drives online visibility and referrals.

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Increase Revenue With Dental Marketing Experience Backed By 40 years Expertise

Empty Chairs? Holes in Your Schedule? - Fill Them Today!

PracticeMojo’s ReachAll Dental Recall™ is the key to practice growth because it’s the only dental marketing solution that utilizes the most effective and inexpensive way to maximize the patients in your chairs; recall. In fact, if you can retain all of your patients in one month you can see 3% annual growth without even adding a single new patient. This is why we created ReachAll Dental Recall.

PracticeMojo’s exclusive ReachAll Dental Recall technology is specially designed to maximize new appointment creation. We leverage timely and personalized emails, 2-way text messages, postcards, and automated phone reminders within proven dental marketing campaigns to reactivate, schedule and remind more of your existing patient base than any other service. ReachAll Dental Recall is available as part of both our Partnered and Managed plans.

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Our focus at PracticeMojo is results. Request a demo and see for yourself why dental practices looking to grow their practice get PracticeMojo.

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Reduce No-Shows...Automatically with PracticeMojo

PracticeMojo’s automated appointment phone reminders save your office valuable time, improve customer and staff satisfaction and increase profitability! We know how critical reminder notifications are to reducing no-shows and keeping your practice full. With our appointment reminder phone calls, a natural voice creates the warmth of a personal phone call. We also include patient names and appointment-specific details to deliver a professional and personalized message. Plus, caller I.D. match ensures your office phone number and location are displayed to improve response rate. With a few simple clicks, we'll quickly set up calling for Courtesy Reminders, Confirmation Reminders or Time to Schedule appointments. Let PracticeMojo handle the daily task of confirming your appointments while you take advantage of the valuable time your staff gains to spend with patients.

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Increase Revenue from New Patients with Positive Reviews and Referrals

PracticeMojo utilizes the three most popular ways of generating feedback, reviews and referrals from your patients. Our Dental Reviews Pro Solution is the simplest way to generate feedback while making public those reviews that make your practice stand out!

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