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ReachAll Dental Recall™

Engage your patients exactly how they want to be contacted. PracticeMojo utilizes text, e-mail, phone and postcards, making sure you reach each and every one of your patients.

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Internal Dental Marketing Automation - a PracticeMojo Specialty

Looking for Growth? It's right under your nose

The fastest and most inexpensive way to keep your schedule full and grow your practice is through dental recall from PracticeMojo. In fact, if you can retain all of your patients in one month you can see a 3% annual growth without even adding a single new patient!

This is why we created ReachAll Dental Recall™. PracticeMojo’s exclusive ReachAll Dental Recall is specially designed to maximize the amount of patients in your chairs. We leverage timely and personalized emails, 2-way text messages, high-quality postcards, and automated phone reminders within proven dental marketing campaigns to reactivate, schedule, remind and contact 100% of your existing patient base. No other internal dental marketing software has the built-in capabilities to reach 100% of your patients from day one.

Most offices don’t have all the emails, or cell phone numbers for every patient on file, especially those that have lapsed over 12 months ago. So how can your practice contact each one of these patients? Some spend hours searching for an email or even paying companies to do it for them. With PracticeMojo there is no need. We leverage both online and offline communications to contact, engage and schedule your patients.

The Dental Marketing Experts - Expertise Makes a Difference

Trust your marketing to the dental marketing experts. For more than 40 years we have focused exclusively on dental marketing, not automotive, spa, insurance or any other health care discipline, just dental. Why you may ask? It’s simple; dental marketing is not the same as any other industry. Other industries don’t have to deal with the same fears and oppositions as dental offices have to. Other companies merely adopted dental marketing, we were born into it, grown in it out of necessity, and have flourished in it out of superiority. Most importantly, we have no contract. We’ll never lock you into an overpriced contract with the promise of an ROI. We guarantee results every month! If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied, and we’ll work until it’s right.

For Dental Practices who get it

Our focus at PracticeMojo is results. Request a demo and see for yourself why dental practices looking to grow their practice get PracticeMojo.

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What would you do with two extra weeks?

Did you know dental practices spend more than 80 hours a year trying to contact patients for appointment confirmations, rescheduling, and reactivation? That's two weeks of work time! Wouldn't you rather have your staff use that time to improve chairside patient care and increase production?

PracticeMojo is an automated recall system that takes care of all those time-consuming daily tasks behind the scenes, so you can spend more time with your patients, all while keeping your schedule full. You'll love how effectively it brings back lapsed patients, reduces no-shows by confirming appointments, drives traffic to your Facebook page and website, increases production, gathers valuable patient feedback and much more.

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