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Appointment Reminder Software ROI -

Offices use PracticeMojo for any type of communication they’d want to send to their patients. Some of the more popular campaigns include Recare: Due, Recare: Past Due, Courtesy Reminder, Birthday, Review Request, Surveys, Save the Date, Holidays, Practice Announcements and much much more. PracticeMojo’s ROI is not based on quantity of communications, but increase in newly created dental appointments.

Only PracticeMojo shows you a TrueROI...we'll never take credit for revenue from appointment reminders or Birthday cards. Our ROI is based on creating new appointments from your existing patients and nothing else. Mojo TrueROI is the way it is because every new appointment PracticeMojo creates for you is money you never had. Our mission is not just to effectively communicate with your patients, but to grow your practice and increase your revenue as well. Just one more way we go above and beyond!

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