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ReachAll Dental Recall from PracticeMojo

We understand the importance of an effective recall system to a practice. Consistent cash flow, new treatment plans, and caring for patients vital oral health are all reasons we’ve developed the most effective recall system to-date. No other service or doing it yourself will result in more new appointments than PracticeMojo.

What makes ReachAll Dental Recall different than other recall systems? First off you must know while many say they do recall, few (especially those who aren’t dental only) understand what recall really is. PracticeMojo’s recall has been tested, reworked, and perfected over the 40 years that we have been doing dental marketing. We know recall. Thinking quickly, what percentage of emails and cells phone numbers do you have on file? 30%, 50% or 70% if you are really diligent? PracticeMojo is the only software with ReachAll Dental Recall which utilizes timely and compelling emails, texts, postcards, and automated phone calls. We literally can reach 100% of your patients! No one falls through the cracks with PracticeMojo.

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Other ReachAll Dental Recall features include:

Family Messaging - 1 per family

PracticeMojo pioneered family messaging. We group each family's recare into a single communication, making it easy to schedule new family appointments.

Full Customization - only from PracticeMojo

We understand the need for some patients to receive a few extra reminders than others. PracticeMojo makes it easy for patients and your office to fully customize the amount and type of communications each patient receives.

Mobile Friendly Design

Appointment reminders from PracticeMojo look good across all devices, even smart phones! Plus we make it easy to contact the office with 1-touch phone numbers, address and email. Giving your patients easy ways to contact you to schedule new appointments.

Never run a recall report again

With PracticeMojo's ReachAll Dental Recall super series you’ll never have to run a recall report again, no more remembering when to run the report, checking the data, checking the patient's emails, cells, addresses and other, and most importantly, no more calling past due patients. PracticeMojo will take it from here.

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