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Words on a page are one thing, but a physical sample delivered right to your door? Now that’s compelling. We know buying software over the internet might not be the easiest thing to do, which is why we created a sample page, where you can experience for yourself the quality and effectiveness of some of the most popular campaigns we send.

When you try a PracticeMojo sample you will see how easy it is to use PracticeMojo for all your effective and timely communications to your patients. Plus you’ll see and feel the quality of the emails, texts and postcards your patients will receive. When you complete the sample form you’ll instantly receive your sample email and text message, likewise your postcard will get put in the mail the same day. When you’re ready give us a call or request a demo below.

Sample PracticeMojo in 4 easy steps:

  • Fill out your contact information.
  • Select a Campaign: The campaign you pick will be used in the email, text and as a postcard. We know this continuity improves response rates!
  • Send Your Campaign.

Listen to a demo phone call and hear for yourself the professionalism of the recorded voice and the interactive response features.

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